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Is birth certificate translation notarized needed for USCIS?

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Is birth certificate translation notarized needed for USCIS?

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is the department under the homeland security.

This department is responsible for handling all the immigration processes. All the immigration applications are submitted to this department, and then people at USCIS review the applications. After thoroughly reviewing the applications, they are accepted or rejected.

There are certain requirements that have to fulfill before the applications have to be submitted. Along with the immigration applications, the legal, as well as some personal documents, have to be submitted. These documents include educational documents, marriage certificates, annulment documents, birth certificates, and identification documents. But USCIS accepts applications that have translated documents attached to it, and these documents must be translated according to the requirements.

Types of Translations:

There are numerous translation service providers who provide different types of translations. There are local translators as well that provide translation services. But there is a difference in the types of translations they provide.

People who are new in this sector and wish to get documents translated get confused while deciding which translation service provider to opt for. And this is where they should know about the different types of translations being provided.

There are two types of translations; certified translation and notarized translation. There is a difference between these two types of translations and different situations require different types of translations. For example, all educational and medical institutions require notarized translation while immigration and other legal matters require certified translations.

A certified translation can be provided only by a certified translator. A certified translated document has a declaration included in it that has to be made by a certified translator only, and every page of this document has to be embossed or rubber-stamped with a professional seal of the translator. This is a way guaranteeing the quality of the translation.

Notarized translation, on the other hand, acts as an additional layer of officialness to the document. The translator does not have to be certified for providing Notarized translation as a translator has to swear an oath in front of a notary and has to sign an affidavit. But there is no guarantee of the quality of the translation.

Translation of Legal Documents:

The legal and personal documents that have to translate for the immigration applications include marriage, divorce and birth certificates. Every immigration agency has a different set of requirements, and likewise, the US Citizenship and Immigration services have its own requirements for people applying for immigration to the United States of America.

The process of immigration is very sensitive for every country, and every applicant has to be verified before they are allowed into the country. Same is the case with the United States where USCIS looks over the matter of immigration and sets various rules which the applicant has to consider while submitting and preparing their applications.

Certified translation for the birth certificate

If you are applying for immigration to the United States of America and thinking about whether to go for notarized translation or certified translation for the birth certificate, then you should know that birth certificate translation notarized is not a requirement of the USCIS. To submit the application the birth certificate has to be translated, but the USCIS only accepts translated documents that are certified.

Make sure that when you are choosing a translation service provider, they are providing certified translations for the birth certificates. A certified translation is enough when getting the birth certificates translated for the purpose of immigration to the United States of America.

Translated by a certified translator

This is because birth certificates are legal documents and just getting notarized translation is not enough and cannot be trusted. For reliability, the birth certificates have to be translated by a certified translator. The translation of such legal documents has to be perfect as these documents are important and only means of verifying the identity and carrying out a background check of the applicant and that was the translation has to be certified as there is no room for errors in the case of immigration.

Do not look for a translation company that provides Notary translation but a company that provides a certified translation if you want to get document translation services for USCIS.

Similarly, all other documents have to be translated accordingly. You can visit the official site to see other requirements by the USCIS to make sure that your application goes through the immigration process and does not get rejected.

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