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Case Study : Smith & Milton for Legal & General

Case Study from Smith & Milton

“Not only did we win a Gold for Legal & General in its category for Brand and Implementation for Projects over £100,000, but we also took home the Grand Prix.

‘ Group Brand and Web Director’ at Legal & General, Richard Nunn, has said, “A big congratulations for the awards won last night. To scoop the Grand Prix in the most prestigious of all industry awards is truly staggering. You’ve created tremendous properties in the Organising Thought and visual identity that is creating an ever-increasing snowball effect internally.”

We are honoured, and confident that this affirms our philosophy that a powerful brand is fundamental to the lasting success of a business…



‘Our business is underperforming – do we need a brand refresh?’

Legal & General is one UK’s leading financial services companies, owns approximately 5% of the FTSE with more than £257bn in assets under management. But due to a lack of any coherent brand building, spontaneous awareness had sunk to 2%. The overall aim was to radically increase brand awareness and consideration by organising the company under a single, relevant, engaging brand.


We began with The Armoury™ – a comprehensive audit designed to reveal a brand’s fundamental equities. This 3-phase program is structured around understanding a brand’s past, present and future. This then informed a further audit of competitors, internal and external attitudes of Legal & General and personal finance, to identify relevant strategic spaces.

With these insights we then developed ‘Every Day Matters’ as Legal & General’s single organising thought. Only then did we develop its brand identity. With two parallel workstreams: The first was the ‘Change Workstream’, developed to embed ‘Every Day Matters’ into the every day thoughts and actions for everyone at Legal & General. Secondly the ‘Identity Workstream’, which involved the creative expression of ‘Every Day Matters’ through the development of specific communications for all areas of the business.

Spontaneous awareness, consideration and conversion levels have all increased since the re-launch and we continue to work with Legal & General to further build on the successes the business has had.


Smith & Milton won Gold and the ultimate accolade in effectiveness for design, the Grand Prix at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards 2012. Read more here.


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