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New research : Fans are signing up to brand pages on Google+

by on February 23, 2012 in Apps, Apps & Software, FaceBook, Gadgets, Gamification, iPhone, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile, Mobile Marketing, Nuggets, Online Advertising, Pinterest, Research, Small Business, Twitter

Google+ brand pages are proving to be more popular than their Twitter equivalent. by Ashley Curtis

Via Red Rocket Media That’s according to a report by Social Bakers, which believes fans are signing up in greater numbers to brand pages on Google+ than to its micro-blogging service counterpart.

Both platforms have recently rolled out brand pages and, while the merits of the enhanced pages for Twitter have been noted, “they don’t offer as much as the more versatile Google+ brand pages”, Wall Blog commented.

However, The Next Web suggests Google+’s brand pages – which have been growing four times faster than Twitter’s pages – have been growing so fast because they have only been around for four months.

For example, retailer H&M garnered 88,598 new followers in one month on Twitter; but on Google+, its page grew by 287,312 followers. However, the firm already had 816,000 followers on Twitter at the time, while the Google+ number sat at 530,000.

Either way, social media marketing experts may well be happy to see the opportunities for active growth on both platforms.

On the other hand, both services are well behind market leader Facebook, where H&M added 730,000 fans in the past month, swelling to a total of 9.9 million fans. This shows interaction on Facebook is far greater than that seen on either Google+ or Twitter.

Still, the figures indicate it’s handy to have accounts on all three platforms

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