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UKTV explores the logistics of moving an entire house

by on February 26, 2012 in Marketing, Media, Nuggets, TV

Britain’s leading home and gardens channel, Home, has pre-invested in a new series from Windfall Films, called Massive Moves, which documents the challenges of moving an entire house; fixtures, fittings, brick walls, chimney, and roof through a major city, over a mountain range or across a frozen lake.

The 13 x 30’ will premiere on the Home channel in March 2012. The deal was negotiated between UKTV’s Acquisitions Executive, Nicki McDermott, and Windfall Film’s Head of Production and Company Director, Massive Moves, and ordered by Home’s General Manager, Clare Laycock.

Each episode of Massive Moves follows the exploits of a team who specialise in moving family homes across Canada and the United States. The series charts the problems of each move through the eyes and experiences of the family and the team involved. Whilst the trend to transport whole houses is particularly popular abroad, the idea is starting to spread to Europe and it is thought it could one day head to the UK, especially for flat pack properties.

UKTV’s Nicki McDermott said: “Many people dream of swapping their view or escaping noisy neighbours whilst retaining their beloved bricks and mortar. Massive Moves follows one of the teams that make this dream a reality, by seemingly overcoming impossible odds and obstacles.”

Home’s General Manager Clare Laycock, adds: “We’re thrilled to have secured this incredible series for UK audiences. It’s a perfect mix of high drama, emotion and jeopardy that Home viewers will love.”

Carlo Massarella, Company Director of Windfall Films adds: “Massive Moves is a high-stakes series that provides a vivid insight, both on a technical and emotional level, of the obstacles families must overcome to move their entire homes. The series mixes compelling character-driven actuality and stunning CGI animation to explore these dramatic feats in an engaging way.”

Information from the series can also be found online at to compliment the already impressive library of design tips and material available.

Massive Moves is a Windfall Films production for UKTV in association with HGTV Canada. The series is produced with funding from Cineflix Rights, which also has exclusive international distribution rights. The programme was created and executive produced by Carlo Massarella.


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