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Social gifting app Wrapp launches in the UK , allowing users to send digital gift cards through Facebook.

The service is extremely popular in its home country of Sweden, and is now expanding into other markets to prempt similar moves by copycat apps.

The company’s founders, which include veterans of Spotify and Groupon, are aware that Germany’s Samwer brothers are currently trying to copy Wrapp’s business model – so rapid expansion is now on the cards.

The UK has been highlighted as a prime target since its gift cards industry is worth over £4.5bn.

Wrapp is an Android and iOS mobile app that allows users to send free or paid-for gift cards through Facebook. It currently has 130,000 users in Sweden and 1m gift cards have been gifted, of which 100,000 have been redeemed in stores.

Users have to sign up through a Facebook account, and then the gift cards are posted onto their chosen friend’s wall – where mutual friends can then also contribute.



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