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All about the critical first few weeks of a product launch / YouGov

YouGov to speak at the MRS Innovations Development Conference

YouGov is pleased to announce that its Consumer Consulting team has been invited to speak about product launches at this year’s MRS Innovations Development Conference.

The talk, presented by Rob Cushen, Consulting Director in YouGov’s Consumer Consulting team, focuses on their experience helping FMCG companies during a product launch.

By using Launch Monitor to create more effective and regular consumer feedback loops, YouGov can help marketeers during the critical first few weeks of and aid a successful product launch. A case study on Carlsberg will also be presented on the day.

The talk specifically focuses on the following:

•           The critical first few weeks of a product launch

•           Too late, too expensive: Common problems with launch insight

•           Adjusting as you go: Using launch data to identify changes to the marketing mix

•           Knowing your audience – including low-incidence groups

•           What ‘good’ looks like: The importance of norms and benchmarks

•           Carlsberg: A case study in nimbleness

The conference takes place on the 7 March at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Blackfriars, London. For further information on the event and the programme schedule, please click here.

Further information on the presentation, including a link to download the presentation, will be sent over after the event.

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