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Using Footfall123 the Crooked Well is encouraging online followers to become customers of their pub

The Crooked Well is a local pub in Camberwell serving great food, fine wine and beers. They love being Brits and they love British food / Footfall123

The Crooked Well, after opening, wanted to build up a customer database interested in receiving offers and visiting their pub. To encourage potential customers to visit them the Crooked Well decided to create an offer and post it online.

The offer was simple – a free glass of wine for everyone who signed up. Using Footfall123, the Crooked Well posted the offer on Facebook, Twitter and on their website.

The sign up process for customers was quick and easy – completing an online form with their contact details. Straight after completing the form, the customer was emailed a voucher to take into the Crooked Well to receive their glass of wine.

The Crooked Well has been very successful in encouraging online followers to become customers of their pub, as well as building up a loyal base of customers.

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