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Dive into the Easter eggs this weekend

New research shows people who eat chocolate regularly tend to be thinner! Just one reason to dive into the Easter eggs this weekend.

The findings come from a study of nearly 1,000 US people that looked at diet, calorie intake and body mass index (BMI). It found that those who ate chocolate a few times a week were, on average, slimmer than those who ate it occasionally.

Though let’s be honest, chocolate is never going to be as good for you as broccoli as it’s loaded with sugar and fat, but according to the study from the University of California at San Diego it does contains ingredients that may favour weight loss.

This is not the first time scientists have suggested that chocolate may be healthy for us. Chocolate especially dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are good for the heart and your health in general, which means it’s perfectly okay to eat it in moderation.

If that’s persuaded you to plunge head first into a pile of Easter eggs around here’s what we’re loving on the grown up egg front:



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