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New lettings software helps property experts save 60% administration time

Midlands based property experts Red Brick Lettings have enhanced their customer service by embracing new computer software which allows them to improve efficiency and streamline their services. The business has upgraded all its computers to the new Gemini Lettings and Management software, a product developed and released by software experts VTUK.

The software has helped Red Brick Lettings to show landlords how seriously they take their properties by storing up to date information about rents and charges that can be immediately reported back to customers. Not only does Gemini help Red Brick to provide answers more quickly than manually searching an internal database, but also places all their key property information within the same web space meaning that they can hold a definitive property portfolio online.

The software has helped Red Brick to dramatically cut the time they spend on administration meaning that they can assign more time to looking after the individual needs of each landlord. Built in rent payment and collection utilities alone has enabled the company to save around 60 hours a month whilst responses to payment enquiries are accessible through the click of a button, instead of having to spend twenty minutes finding specific information on a convoluted computer system.

Patrick Sullivan, owner at Red Brick Lettings said of the software: “Gemini has really helped us to spend less time chained to our computers looking for specific answers to enquiries and more time dealing directly with landlords.

“Before we began using Gemini, we used to have to load each rent figure into an Excel spreadsheet by hand. We didn’t have an auto letter system so we spent a lot of time doing mundane administrative tasks. We had also tried online banking for block payments to try and save us time. Now with the new system we are able to concentrate more on our customers and service.

“It enabled us to do more for our landlords, get to know them as individuals and cater our services around their individual needs. Customer service should never play second fiddle to administrative tasks and with Red Brick, it doesn’t.”

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