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“The New C1 Connexion will be a car created for the Facebook generation, by the Facebook generation”

–      Citroën UK & Facebook reveal collaboration to create app for crowdsourced New Citroën C1 Connexion special edition

–      Configuration process takes place on Citroën UK’s Facebook page,

–      Members of the public invited to choose the features they want on the car with the most popular version put into production

–      Competition to win one of the first New C1 Connexion special edition models

Citroën and Facebook have collaborated on an app that lets members of the public choose the design for a new bespoke version of the C1 city car. Called the Citroën C1 Connexion, the special edition will be the first production vehicle in the UK crowdsourced on Facebook.

With the strapline ‘You like it. We make it.’, the C1 Connexion project gives the power to the consumer, with the public choosing what the special edition model will look like and what features it will have.

The car creation process takes place within a specially designed app on Citroën UK’s official Facebook page – There are six configuration elements, letting people choose the number of doors; the exterior and interior colours; equipment such as Bluetooth® or Sat Nav; or even stylish alloy wheels.

The most popular configuration of the New C1 Connexion will be put into production and will go on sale later in the year. Everyone who takes part can also enter a competition to win one of the first production versions of the new special edition.

People on Facebook can opt for a customised experience, which pulls in a selection of their personal information to further animate the digital environment of the configurator.

Melina Kacherou-Carage, Head of Digital Marketing at Citroën UK, commented; “This is a really exciting project for Citroën, collaborating with Facebook to use the platform in this way. With a touch of ‘Créative Technologie’, we are taking the choices of many to create a car for everyone. This is crowdsourcing in action. The New C1 Connexion will be a car created for the Facebook generation, by the Facebook generation.”

Stephen Haines , UK Commercial Director, Facebook, commented; “We are pleased to be collaborating with Citroën on this project. With the C1 Connexion, Citroën is integrating the interactions and the stories people have with the brand into the products they create. They’ve built the experience around people, so their fans can have a personal experience through the app and share that with their friends. Facebook shouldn’t just be bolted on to an existing campaign, it should be an integral part of the brand’s full marketing and strategic plan. With this app, Citroën is demonstrating that effective campaigns take in social from the very start.”

Appealing to a wide range of drivers, Citroën’s recently restyled C1 is stylish, frugal – up to 65.7mpg – and practical. Ideal for nimble urban driving yet spacious enough for four adults, New C1 is environmentally considerate with low CO2 emissions and is one of Citroën’s most popular models, having sold more than 80,000 in the UK since its 2005 launch.

To take part, log on to The configuration process is open until 30 April.


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