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How to be interesting on Pinterest: A guide for B2B marketers

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Just when us B2B marketers were getting comfortable with social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin, out comes a new contender for our time – Pinterest.

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Now if Pinterest were insignificant, and it was about as popular as Google’s Buzz (sorry Google!), we’d probably leave it be until we were sure it was worth investing time in. But alas, as of February 2012, Pinterest reported 10.4 million users, with each visitor averaging 97.8 minutes on the site, 83% of which are 18-34 year old females.

This is when we sat up and took notice.

First things first: What is Pinterest?

You might be wondering what exactly this Pinterest thingy is, and why it relentlessly appears on your Facebook friends’ status updates. Pinterest is what Facebook’s Photo Album feature would be if you were able to add photos and videos that you don’t own – from your other Facebook friends or anywhere else on the web – without stealing their intellectual property.

It lets users share images taken from all over the web, which are then aggregated on ‘boards’ which users can group under common themes. At its core, Pinterest is an image-driven site. Its highly visual nature makes it harder for non-B2C or product-oriented businesses, but it still helps you build awareness and disseminate content.


Find out about Pinterest etc. at the Thames Valley Return on Influence Conference 12 June 2012.

Check the ROI Conference Pinterest Board

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