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SAYU present to top advertisers at Google UK HQ

As Google continues to mobilise the UK web market with its GetMo initiative, it recently called upon Sayu Limited to present to some of its top advertising partners in London.

GetMo was launched to educate and promote the importance of making websites mobile friendly and Sayu were asked to speak at one of a series of events held at the Google UK HQ in Soho.

In March 2012 the company was selected as a UK partner for the Google GetMo initiative following the launch of SayuConnect in 2011. SayuConnect is a dedicated mobile platform that can help both local and national businesses generate leads and enables users from mobile devices to search, browse, interact and buy online with ease.

Tony Marshall

Director at Sayu, Tony Marshall, presented to the 150 attendees on the day. He said “It was a great opportunity to speak to Google advertising partners about the importance of mobile and share our experiences in this sector. As Google partners and mobile specialists we’re always happy to support them at events in any way we can.”

“For many businesses the power of mobile is yet to be realised, particularly at a local level. We’ve been working with mobile solutions now for nearly 2 years and are able to see how much of an impact it’s had on businesses in all sectors and how users interact with the Internet and transact online.”

SayuConnect was designed to deliver a mobile website that can be integrated with any existing website platform providing a solution that can be delivered quickly to for both content based or ecommerce websites.

About Sayu
Sayu was established in 2005 and is a privately owned company delivering a wide range of digital services, including web development and direct response search engine marketing for a broad client base throughout the UK.

SayuConnect ( was developed to meet the changing demands of the UK search market and, following its launch in March 2011. So far it is responsible for the launch of over 75 mobile web solutions across a wide range of sectors in the UK.

SayuConnect is technologically agnostic and able to work with any mobile website platform. For ecommerce businesses SayuConnect’s proprietary Data Handler is able to manage up to 100,000 products and tens of thousands of product categories. Development costs for mobile websites start from £250 plus VAT and development time usually takes 2 weeks.

About The GetMo Initiative
GetMo is a Google initiative designed to help businesses to become mobile enabled. The website provides useful tools and resources to help website owners understand the importance of mobile and how user behaviour is changing the way we access information and transact online.

The site contains tools to allow users to experience how their own sites look and perform on mobile devices; they can then receive a report of recommendations for developing a mobile friendly experience for visitors.

In addition the GetMo site also contains information about mobile trends, guidance on best practices and a list of developers ready to help companies build mobile friendly websites.

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