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Customer service inquiry tip : “Be eager to talk with customers when they are eager to talk to you”

A study from IfbyPhone, a marketing company focused on “voice interactions,” finds that people don’t like to wait.

Four out of five respondents to a poll of 531 U.S. consumers said they wanted to dump a brand that made them wait too long to speak to someone about a customer service inquiry. Forty-five percent said they would walk away from a brand if it weren’t for the contract.

Part of the problem is that companies seem to be more interested in getting the business than keeping it. The study found that 50 percent of sales calls were answered in less than a minute, but 78 percent of calls from existing customers took longer than that. But 69 percent of respondents said they would be more likely to refer a brand if response time was prompt.

Lessons here:

  • -Treat your existing customers well, not just to hang on to them, but to gain traction with their friends.
  • -People still use the phone so make sure someone is there to answer it quickly when it rings.
  • -Be eager to talk with customers when they are eager to talk to you.

To download a copy of the research, click here.


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