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Red Rocket Media : How to get the most from content marketing

by on July 9, 2012 in Apps, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, LinkedIn, London & South East, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Nuggets, Pinterest, Retail News, Twitter

Via Red Rocket Media There are more than 129 million search results in Google UK for the term content marketing, however many people still do not know what content marketing actually is and, more importantly, how to get the most from content marketing. You may want to reference the following post which discusses the difference between marketing content and content marketing

So let’s put some context around what is meant by content marketing. As you might expect, this term is often used as a high level and encompassing term for many forms of marketing that involve content to varying extents.

A key aspect of content marketing for businesses is that this type of marketing includes activities like content development and creation; content sharing and syndication as well as keeping in mind the underlying goal of driving a customer action or end result.

There are many forms of content that are frequently used for online marketing, including online content, website copy, guides, white papers, social media content, blog content, news feeds/articles and much more.

The purpose of marketing with content will vary from business to business and can cover specific strategic marketing goals including the development of specific content strategies – for example, social content marketing.

An important consideration is how to get the most out of your existing content – for more information on this you may be interested in seeing a recent blog post of mine about Indexing images in Google. You will be surprised how much content you have at your disposal which can be repurposed for other media. This may include converting PowerPoint files to video and adding transcription text to existing website videos.

If you look at social media agency services like those that we (Red Rocket Media) provide you can see that there can be a refined and logical content strategy in place to target specific content needs by platform (Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, Google +, LinkedIn marketing and more).

You can also see a strategy in place for content type requirements that may apply to many content platform and niche needs including the following:

  • Evergreen content
  • News articles
  • Blog content
  • Video content
  • Infographics

For me, a critical success variant of content marketing is creativity and originality but, more importantly, relevancy of messaging and medium to target market. Do not look at all content as being applicable to everyone – taking a few moments to repurpose content is great but don’t get into the mindset of sending out everything to everyone. That won’t be a content strategy for long term success.


Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson

I’m an SEO campaign delivery manager for Vertical Leap (Portsmouth based content-driven search marketing company) and have been since Q2 2010 and am pleased to say I still love it. I have been active in the online arena since completing my degree in business from Winchester Uni in 2003.

Career wise I have worked as an online & direct marketing manager within the financial services sector covering the UK and USA for over 7 years as well as setting up and running my own online business. Needless to say I am also an online gamer with the Xbox 360 and a hardcore StreetFighter player with many wins under my belt.

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