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TopCashBack launches second TV ad marking 100 cashback days to Christmas

The UK’s biggest free cashback company is preparing itself for bumper Christmas growth with its second TV advertisement being released this Sunday, 16 September – the start of the 100-day countdown to the calendar’s biggest retail event. The commercial will be aired nationwide to highlight the site’s free cashback prowess in today’s stagnant retail market.

TopCashBack, which started up in 2005 and has since become its industry’s market leader with offerings of up to 110% free cashback, is aiming to reach out to more consumers who are unaware of the site’s transparent generosity. In the run-up to what is hedged to be the most successful Christmas for online shopping, the site’s cashback, seven product-comparison tools and a large array of discount vouchers and codes will help shoppers make huge savings.

The company has a rising customer base of over 1.6 million loyal members, with its UK website garnering up to 17 million page impressions each month. It hopes that the TV ad will make people more aware of what cashback actually is and that it can reward consumers for shopping at their favourite retailers, in addition to introducing them to new brands, businesses, products and services.

Natasha-Rachel Smith, Head of Communications for TopCashBack (, said, “Christmas will be here before we know it, so it’s the perfect time for TopCashBack to use the popularity of the TV medium to shout out to as many shoppers as possible and highlight the best way to transact via the web, so people can take full advantage of all that online shopping has to offer.

“This is particularly vital in the run-up to the festivities when the nation will whip out its wallets to spend billions of pounds with retailers that they didn’t originally pin-point to transact with, but were incentivised to do so.

“TopCashBack acts as an intermediary between consumers and retailers by successfully connecting new shoppers to merchants, in addition to promoting loyalty between retailers and past customers, by rewarding consumers’ decisions on where to spend their earmarked funds, through earning cashback payments.

“Our first TV ad aired in June last year and was a huge success; we estimate it attracted several hundreds of thousands of new TopCashBack members. However our ultimate aim is to educate the entire UK population about the free money-saving, and sales-enhancing, expertise of TopCashBack, so I hope our new commercial makes an even bigger impact for the remaining 60 million consumers who are still unaware of our service.

“We’re incredibly proud and excited about our latest TV ad and hope viewers will find it endearing as well as belly-achingly entertaining, and that it tweaks their curiosity to jump online and try all that has to offer.”

The forthcoming TV advertisement, which will have a run time of 30 seconds, will be shown over a multitude of mainstream, freeview and cable channels nationwide from this Sunday, 16 September 2012. The ad will reach tens of millions of viewers monthly. Viewers can poise themselves for first-time glimpses of TopCashBack’s new TV advert, which lends itself to the 1990 MC Hammer super-hit “You can’t touch this”, during Coronation Street’s omnibus edition commercial break on ITV2 at 11:15am. It will also appear on Channel 5 at 12:21pm.

TopCashBack runs its cashback pledge by giving all of the commission rates it is paid by its 3,500 partnered retailers back to its members as cash payments. TopCashBack differentiates itself in the market place with its guarantee of giving an additional 1-10% bonus of the commission rates earned on purchases back to its members while being 100% free to use. It also provides users with insurance and credit card comparison tools, and discount vouchers; all of which can be used simultaneously to earning cashback.


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