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This week’s ten best viral videos including Wonderbra, Snoop Dogg, Nike, Cow & Gate / Niall Harbinson of Simply Zesty

by on October 16, 2012 in Film, Latest News, Lead story, Music, Rock 'n Roll, TV, Videos

Niall Harbinson of Simply Zesty writes ..  Another week and another set of brilliant viral videos that has got lots of people talking. Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded, we share the ten best virals every week from the world of marketing and advertising.

This week, we have a couple of classics from brands like Nike, Cow & Gate and a remake of a classic Snoop Dogg song for a popular new snack brand. There are some classics this week so sit back, hit the HD button and enjoy the best of this week’s viral marketing from around the globe.

Rather than sifting through the billions of videos that people have uploaded, we share the ten best virals every week from the world of marketing and advertising.

Egg Choir Tribute Advert Is Absolutely Brilliant

We love when brands try something a little different with their advertising. So we can safely say that this is the first time a group of eggs have come together in a fridge to sing about discount deals, choir-style. Lovely & creative!


Snoop Dogg Turns One Of His Best Known Songs Into A Commercial

Back in 2004 Snoop Dogg launched “Park it like it’s hot” which went on to be a global smash and in a big to make a bunch more cash out of that tune he is back with a new version for a brand called Hot Pockets. We can’t make up our minds if this is great marketing or just another star selling out?


Apple Releases “Bouncy” iPod Advertising

Apple’s iPod advertising has been some of its most iconic work over the last decade. Now there’s a new ad to promote its new iPod range, which is very bouncy and very catchy as well. We like it! Thoughts?


Brand Launches Facebook Coupon Made Entirely Out Of People

To celebrate its 5 million Facebook likes, Old Navy has created a huge 30% off coupon that is powered entirely by people. It’s an impressive and fun video and we love the way it’s shot.


Stunning New Lexus Advert Combines Print Media And An iPad

As print media advertising starts to come under fire from shrinking revenues, one brand is taking advantage of the shift to iPads with a brilliant new ad that combines the two. Introducing the new Lexus technology advert.


Cute Dogs Go Swimming In 1,000 FPS Video Advert

To help promote their bad dog breath product, this brand has created one of the cutest and most fun videos you are ever likely to see. It’s dogs swimming, chasing balls and doing what dogs do, all shot at 1,000 frames per second for maximum cuteness.


Insane Bicycle Tricks Video Will Blow Your Mind

We’ve seen lots of bike trick videos, but they’ve been done on BMXs or Mountain bikes whereas this brilliant video is done on a racer bike. And it’s not any old bike either. It’s the $16,000 bike used to win the Tour De France.


Stunning New Nike Air Jordan Advert Hits Venice Beach LA

Air Jordan is a brand that Nike has had around for decades and it’s bringing it up a notch with this stunning video shot in Venice Beach LA. It shows a player “cutting through” the streets.


The Newest Music Superstars Are A Group Of Babies

Cow & Gate is one of the leading brands for children and to promote its products, it gathered together a bunch of talented youngsters into a recording studio with hilarious results.


Undress Wonderbra Models With Cool New App

We are not sure if this ad is going to appeal more to women or men, but either way, it’s a pretty smart way to get consumers interested in Wonderbra. Using a smartphone app, you can undress the model in the video and on outdoor ads. Lots of fun times to be had here with record levels of engagement, we would guess.


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