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Video : Transform your boring, average bacon sandwich into a ‘manwich’

What does it take to be considered ‘manly’? Well, this latest ad for HP sauce reveals all.

You see, HP Sauce has been around since 1899 and is a fundamental household condiment. This, therefore, gives them the authority to guide all British males on how to act like a man. Firstly, the only subject you may talk about while watching sport, is sport. You must fix everything with duct tape. And you may not spend more than a fiver on a haircut.


Obviously, one of the key rules is to add HP Sauce, otherwise known as the ‘sauce of manliness’, to transform your boring, average bacon sandwich into a ‘manwich’. That goes without saying.

The brand seems to be going down the same route as chocolate brand Yorkie, whose ‘it’s not for girls’ ads in the noughties focussed on how macho you need to be to consume the product.

The ad is tongue-in-cheek and amusing. Not bad for HP’s first TV ad in five years. This time, the brand wanted to make a high impact impression and so, when the campaign was launched a few days ago by M&C Saatchi, they released it on TV, radio and across social media.

Ladies, let’s hope that men don’t take these rules too seriously. The only time that ‘any attempt at facial hair should be applauded’ should be during Movember.


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