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Women for Women : Eight in ten mums are active users of social networking platforms

by on February 2, 2013 in Latest News, Research, Retail, Retail News, Small Business, Special Issue, Startups, Women for Women

Modern mothers are tech-savvy and spend a significant portion of their personal time online, browsing the Internet or on social media.

Apparently, brands are well aware of this fact and mothers have become a major target for marketers.

by Ben Hollum,Marketing Director at M2 Bespoke

According to a recent poll from parenting club Bounty, eight in ten mums are active users of social networking platforms and more than three-quarters own a smartphone; this compares to about four in ten among the entire British population. UK mums are willing to interact with brands on Facebook, as the survey found that each average mother likes eight and a half brands. Two in three of them cite access to vouchers and discounts their main incentive to like a business.

A typical mother is 29-years-old, which means that she has grown up with technology and is used to the various tools that she can use to facilitate her motherhood, Bounty commercial director Ed Axon commented. In addition, mothers are major decision-makers when it comes to spending, so engaging them can give a powerful boost to a business.

Certain brands have already noticed the business potential of young mothers. Morrisons recently started using an advertising platform, designed by parenting website Mumsnet, showing real-time feedback on various campaigns which can be later adopted by other brands. Kelloggs is also benefiting from the platform, providing mums with carefully targeted campaigns that reflect their worries, needs and desire to have fun, explained Siobhan Freegard, founder of Netmums platform.


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