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The challenge : Developing a framework consisting of standards in the fields of advertising formats, KPIs and metrics

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  • IAB appoints Karim H. Attia as Chairman of the Brand Advertising Committee

  • With immediate effect the CEO of will chair the Brand Advertising Committee (BAC) of IAB Europe
  • Initial BAC results presented at IAB Interact in Barcelona
  • Attia’s future role: creating and standardising branding standards

The newly-founded Brand Advertising Committee, an initiative started by the umbrella organisation of the digital industry in Europe (IAB Europe) with the objective of creating consistent branding standards, has appointed Karim H. Attia as Chairman.  The BAC is collaborating with the CEO of, Europe’s leading provider of digital target group marketing and brand solutions specialist, to develop a framework consisting of standards in the fields of advertising formats, KPIs and metrics, as well as target audiences for the efficient and reliable implementation of brand communication campaigns on a large scale.

Attia performed his first official engagement as Chairman at the IAB Interact conference in Barcelona. There he presented the initial results from the work of the various task forces. His focus was presenting candidates for a premium advertising format standard and initial considerations for generally-applicable branding KPIs and metrics.

Online advertising

“Founding the BAC was the logical answer to the development of online advertising as the number one advertising medium. We urgently need a similar efficient environment for brand-oriented advertisers that is also secure, reliable and scalable – just as direct marketers have had in our medium for some years. We are very satisfied with our initial results for standardised advertising formats – even though we still have plenty of work ahead of us. One particularly exciting aspect is taking the increasing media convergence into consideration, and also the European orientation,” is Attia’s positive response to the new challenge.

He is no stranger to committee-based work – for many years Attia was the spokesman for FOMA, the Forum of Online Media Agencies in Germany, of which he was one of the co-founders in 2007. As well as his work as Chairman of the Brand Advertising Committee, Karim H. Attia is also committed to a premium infrastructure that facilitates effective online branding in his role as CEO at

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