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“Is your problem that you feel you are like a well kept secret, that not enough people know you exist?” / Jon Davey

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Have you got the most amazing product or service? Is your problem that you feel you are like a well kept secret, that not enough people know you exist? Are you ready to be more famous?

TheMarketingblog sends out regular emails to its 25,000+ readers, the website getting hundreds of thousands of page views every month coming from the great organic SEO it has earned from 10+ years of fresh content being added every day.

There are tweets & re-tweets, visitors coming in from LinkedIn Groups, Facebook,, other channels and newsletter recipients sharing copies with their friends & colleagues – that’s the power of theMarketingblog.

Will Corry, the creator and inspiration behind theMarketingblog, has a great eye for a story, knowing how well it will be received by his readers… enabling him to know how best to position your offering to generate the maximum number of enquiries which, when followed up by your sales team, could result in some high profile new clients…

“Will was at the forefront of understanding that strong content, as well as using high quality, specialised B2B email software, had the greatest impact on successfully nurturing customers and prospects. Over the years I never stopped being amazed at his passion and energy. Allied to those qualities is a sharp brain and a deep understanding of the marketing industry.”
Nicholas GREIG
Regional Director – UK & Europe – Global Reviews

Go take a look at theMarketingblog and then call me to discuss how we can come up with a national lead generation programme for you and your business.

Jonathan L Davey
07717 820823

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