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Events : 360 Degrees of a Social Company / SMI 2013 Conference

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SMI 2013 Conference

360 Degrees of a Social Company

How social tools, technologies and thinking are shaping the next generation of successful companies and organisations.

Nowadays, almost every FTSE 250 company is employing social media in their business planning and operations. It may be social media marketing, customer service, reputation management, community management or social business within the enterprise. Sometime it’s a combination of all these strategies. And the more companies embrace social media the more they understand the value of integrating it throughout their business.

That’s why we are dedicating our 8th annual conference to explaining and demonstrating the 360 degree view of what makes a “social company “.


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In this dynamic one-day conference you’ll learn best practice social media and social business strategy and you’ll see the case studies that will help you plan how to make “social” a success in your own company or organisation.

In less than a decade social media has transformed the way modern business is done, created whole new industry sectors and generated billions in deals, sales, mergers and flotations. Along the way companies and organisations as varied as Unilever, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Salesforce, Citibank, Bupa, GE and Nokia have used social media to deliver measurable business success.

But that is just the start. Now, by piecing together the insight gained over the past decade from corporate social media programmes we are able to create a roadmap for the success “social companies” can achieve.

At SMI13 you’ll learn:

  • – how customer conversation analytics is connecting and improving improving sales, customer service and marketing all at the same time
  • – how employee engagement is being transformed by social tool and technologies
  • – how social commerce is shaping the entire operations of retail companies
  • – how new social platforms are influencing the planning and execution of social media marketing
  • – how smart legal policies are making social media engagement a seamless part of major corporations
  • – how the best companies prepare for a social media crisis before it arises
  • – how social media storytelling and content marketing is transforming online marketing
  • – how crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are having a positive impact on corporate decision making
  • …….and much more

Featuring top speakers who are leading the way in social media and social business expertise, SMI13 promises a day of smart thinking and conversation. So join us on June 13, 2013 and gain the social media intelligence to help shape the future of your own organisation and career.

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