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Want to sing a famous Irish ballad on St. Patrick’s Day – then steer away from these ones

Irish songs to avoid this St. Patrick’s Day (VIDEOS)

She Moved Thro’ The Fair

This old Irish melody with words written by turn-of-the-century poet Padraic Colum is, they say, a hauntingly beautiful love song. But what’s it about? Although the young girl has died, she comes to her sweetheart in a dream and says, “It will not be long, love, till our wedding day.”

Have a think about this. You’ve seen it somewhere before. It was a movie by Tim Burton called “Corpse Bride.” It’s amazing how few people actually pay attention to what they’re hearing. Some people think this song is majestic and otherworldly, we say it’s creepier than a bookcase full of Stephen King novels.

The Homes Of Dongeal

This song has a horrendous tempo and the lyrics redefine witless. It’s all about a traveling tramp buttering up the credulous locals with creamy compliments to ensure he has free meals and a bed for the night. Only in Donegal would they still fall for that.