Shaken & Stirred - Influential Brand Profiling and Positioning

Laughter Spot : Dragging a dead frog

A young boy walks into a whore house dragging a dead frog.

He asks the man at the front desk if he can have a woman and the man says ”No, son. You have to be 18.” The boy hands the man a £50 note and the man tells him to go upstairs to Room 7. Then the boy asks the man if he can have a girl with active herpes. The man says ”No, I’m sorry, but all of our girls are clear.” The boy hands him another £50 note and the man tells him to go upstairs to Room 4. About twenty minutes later, the boy comes back and the man at the front desk asks the boy why he is dragging a dead frog and why he wanted a girl with herpes.

”Well, tonight when the babysitter comes over, I’ll have sex with her and give her herpes. Then, when my dad takes her home, she will give it to him. Then, when my parents have sex tonight, my mom will get it too. Then tomorrow morning when my dad goes to work my mom will give herpes to the mailman, and he’s the bastard that ran over my frog!”’


photo credit: mysza831 via photopin cc