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First brand safety kitemarks issued in UK to reduce online ad misplacement

The first kitemarks for brand safety online have been awarded today to 9 companies that meet industry-agreed standards to reduce the risk of ads being served next to inappropriate or illegal content online.

The kitemarks have been awarded by the UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) – the independent body that defines best practice and standards for online ad trading.

The companies receiving the kitemark have all had their advertising misplacement policies and processes reviewed by an independent third party. Alongside the 9* kitemarks issued today a further 7** organisations have committed to undergo independent verification within 6 months.

As the ad buying process shifts towards using automated decision-making, advertisers and agencies have placed increased focus on ensuring that their online reputation is maintained by ensuring that their adverts don’t appear against inappropriate content.

The issue of the kitemark is the culmination of an unprecedented level of cross industry collaboration through the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) to deliver a set of straightforward and workable best practice principles which meets the needs of all sides of the industry.

Andy Muddimer, Santander’s Head of Digital, said: “Misplaced advertising is an issue that affects the whole online industry. In proactively working together we will foster trust and continue to see online ad spend grow. We encourage market take-up of the DTSG’s good practice.”

David Ellison, ISBA Marketing Services Manager, said: “We recommend our members use intermediaries that have been kitemark accredited, as it will provide them with much-needed reassurances over online brand safety.”

Richard Foan, JICWEBS facilitator said: “It has always been JICWEBS ambition to deliver an inclusive set of best practice principles. In this increasingly complex global market, which operates at scale, the industry needs signs about transparency and trust – which the kitemark delivers.”

*Kitemarks issued to: Crimtan, Tubemogul Inc, Exponential Interactive, Vibrant Media, Quantcast, Specific Media, IgnitionOne, Unruly, AD2ONE

**Companies registered with JICWEBS and committed to independent verification within 6 months: Pulsepoint, byyd Tech, Microsoft Advertising, Yahoo UK, Adaptv, AmnetUK,