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US MVNO Ultra Mobile connects through Tweakker

Connectivity firm to provide APN settings to fuel Ultra Mobile’s continued growth in the US market and cut customer care costs; Tweakker experiencing strong growth in North American MVNO markets

Mobile connectivity leader Tweakker ( today announces that it has entered into a supply agreement with US mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Ultra Mobile ( to deliver Access Point Name (APN) configuration to its growing domestic customer base.

This is the fourth US-based MVNO that Tweakker has entered into supply agreements with in recent months and the firm is focussed on developing similar agreements with many more US-based MVNOs.

Launched in October 2012, Ultra Mobile is T-Mobile’s largest MVNO and has reportedly sold more than 750,000 SIM cards by end 2013. Its business strategy is to enable subscribers to call 1.5 billion people abroad at the same rate as calling across the street.

One of Ultra’s most popular monthly plans is its $29 package offering unlimited US domestic talk, 1,000 free international minutes to over 70 countries and free international messaging.

Ultra entered into a supply agreement with Tweakker because of the connectivity firm’s experience working with both T-Mobile and AT&T MVNOs, and its understanding of the diverse challenges involved in getting Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) customers online and using revenue generating data.

Ultra Mobile previously used its own in-house guides for APN set up. By replacing this with Tweakker’s patented technology, the MVNO can increase APN set ups fivefold and cut customer care costs by around $15 per device.

This is achieved utilizing Tweakker’s Over-the-Air (OTA) database for more than 4000 devices including Samsung, Motorola and BLU devices and a unique solution for iPhones where the customer is guided via SMS and web-apps through an automatic setup process.

Tweakker also provides a device guides solution. A unique offering in today’s mobile market, MVNOs can use the guides to increase data uptake of these devices and reduce support costs and customer frustration even further.

“Ultra Mobile’s success is built upon offering subscribers disruptive mobile packages and this partnership with Tweakker will help us to sustain our dynamic growth in the highly competitive US market,” says Ultra Mobile’s Rizwan Kassim, executive vice president, technology.

Sune Sonne Andersen, Tweakker’s chief product officer, adds: “This agreement sets the scene for Ultra Mobile to cut customer care costs and to automate the APN set up process. Tweakker’s driving goal is to fully serve the fiercely competitive US MVNO market, helping them to profitably build their customer bases and offer a supreme customer experience from power-up.”



Tweakker provides more than 100 MVNOs and network operators with revenue generating and customer care mobile solutions. Over 100 million devices have been connected using Tweakker’s patented technology. By enabling customers to have immediate, problem-free access to a network from power up, users can immediately enjoy the full functionality of their new or replacement phones. As a result, pick up of new Internet services increases on average threefold and customer care costs are reduced by up to 90%. Visit for more information.



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