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Women for Women : Seeking love at Sainsbury’s on a Saturday at 6:38pm

Get him up the aisle: UK shoppers finding love in the supermarket

  • One in eight has given their number to a fellow supermarket shopper
  • 6.38pm is the prime time to find love in the supermarket
  • Pizza aisle the biggest hotbed of supermarket flirting

This research may seem to be cloaked in the normal over the top PR approach. Get that out of your mind. It makes good sense and it paints a new picture of shopping habits integrating even more fully into our lifestyles. It certainly gives a clear picture of our changing social climate and it adds up to an important read.

Forget bagging a bargain, research from shopper marketing app,@Shopitize has found that supermarkets are the hottest new place to pick up a date. Brits are going wild in the aisles, according to the latest consumer insight data from Shopitize, with one in eight (13 per cent) saucy shoppers admitting to exchanging numbers with a fellow trolley-pusher.

Six per cent have dated someone they met in the supermarket, whilst staggeringly, two per cent of those questioned said they had married someone they met at the supermarket.

  • Supermarkets were deemed a fertile breeding ground with almost a quarter (23 per cent) of those surveyed saying a person’s shopping basket was a good indicator of their personality.
  • Nearly two thirds (63 per cent) admitted they would be more attracted to someone if they shared similar shopping and eating habits, such as a fellow health nut, foodie or frugal shopper.
  • A fifth (20 per cent) claimed the broad cross-section of people in a supermarket made it a great venue for meeting people, while one in eight (13 per cent) said it was easy to break the ice in a supermarket.
  • Nearly one in ten (9 per cent) reported that supermarkets make the perfect pick-up joint as they were more relaxed than bars and clubs, while two per cent admitted that they didn’t get out much so it was a good place to meet people.
  • According to insight revealed by the Shopitize app, 6:38pm is the best time to bag a beau with most singles hitting the shopping aisles in the early evening.
  • Women looking to hone in on a hunk in the supermarket should shop in Sainsbury’s on a Saturday with Shopitize data showing this is the most popular day and supermarket for guys hitting the aisles.
  • Men looking for a filly in the freezer aisle should venture out on a Tuesday, where there is a greater percentage of women compared with men. The most female-friendly supermarket was Morrisons; 60 per cent of all the shoppers were women so men searching for love should check-in.
  • Shopitize insight shows that Pizza is month-on-month one of the top five most purchased items by both men and women, illustrating that those looking for a date should definitely be perusing the peperoni to improve their chances of finding love.

UK leading Psychologist Dr David Holme commented:

“Lust-fuelled moments in darkened clubs and bars are the worst times to be selecting a partner for life. In contrast, in the clear light of the supermarket aisle, the contents of our trolley will say more about our personalities and habits than interrogation by a dating website.

Anxious approaches and trite chat-up lines are not needed when you can offer to help pass goods or give advice in an unpretentious easy atmosphere, free from deafening DJs or hundreds of prying eyes. In the relaxed supermarket isles, we are more likely to engage naturally with prospective partners than be subject to the artificial barrage of people ‘on the look out’.”

Carl Engelmarc, CEO at Shopitize, commented:

“Supermarkets are teeming with singles popping-in to grab something on their way home from work so of course they make a great place to meet someone new. Our shopping habits reveal a lot about us so just one glance at someone’s shopping basket can give us a glimpse into their lifestyle and likes.”

“We’re able to tell a lot about shopping patterns though the insight gleaned from our app data so can pinpoint the times men and women of any age are shopping.  So why not use our findings to improve your chances of finding love in the aisles.“