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Xero / SMBs can now turn their financial data into marketing leads – a first for the UK

New partnership is aimed at helping small companies use existing customer data to refine campaigns and prospecting

In a first for the UK, Xero, the global leader in cloud accountancy software, has today announced a partnership with Constant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTCT), a provider of online marketing tools and services for small businesses, enabling SMBs to use data from their accounts for a full range of highly-focused marketing campaigns.

Companies where most business comes from repeat customers will find the new combination ideally suited to their needs. SMBs will be able to search their customer base by a wide range of categories including age, location, or the last time they purchased a product or service.

The integration enables small businesses to create Smart Lists, a new feature within Xero’s online accounting software that empowers users to search contacts and divide them up using a variety of key filters such as: customer financial and sales data, geographic location, items purchased, time period and price range. They can then easily import these filtered lists into their Constant Contact account to develop more tailored, effective and profitable marketing campaigns.

Gary Turner, UK Managing Director,Xero, explained: “Our small business customers often tell us that they spend a lot of time trying to work out how to market to the right customers. So we’re excited to partner with Constant Contact to help solve this problem by giving small businesses the ability to use their own accounting data to create smart marketing campaigns that can be as broad as their imaginations or as hyper-targeted as they could want.

“A family-run jewellery business, for instance, could export its list of customers from@Xero to Constant Contact so it can target them with promotions about the shop’s 2014 collection and the items that fall within their usual price range.”

“Our reporting and analytics functions have been essential to the marketing success of our 600,000-plus customers, and this partnership with Xero offers them an additional layer of valuable data that further advances the goal of personalized precision marketing,” said Jesse Harriott, chief analytics officer, Constant Contact. “Considering the wealth of accounting and financial data small businesses can retrieve from their Xero accounts, this partnership will be key to our ongoing efforts to helping small businesses do more business.”