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Holy smokes, Canada has a new anti-spam law. Am I on the safe side? Help! / E-GOI: Multichannel Marketing Platform

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That’s right. As of July 1st, the Canadian Anti Spam Legislation Act #CASL has been brought into force. Failure to comply can result in fines between $1 million (for individuals) and $10 million (for businesses).

Mother of God! How can I be sure my mailings comply? Fear not, that’s the easy bit: 1) Did EVERYONE in your list subscribe to your mailings using a double opt-in sign-up form? 2) Do you have records (IP address and subscription date) for each sign-up? 3) Do you use @EgoiPlatform (or any other ESP which auto-adds 1-click unsubscribe and a physical address to all your mailings)? Read MORE