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Register for Conversion Conference London – Make sure you use MARKETINGBLOG14 for an extra 15% discount

Register for Conversion Conference , London. Use MARKETINGBLOG14 for an extra 15% discount

TheMarketingblog will be reviewing content and speakers from the Conversion Conference London. We start with 200 techniques for winning customers. The session speaker is Bart Schutz.

We are brains.  And your brain is in the business of convincing consumer brains to part with their money.As peculiar as it sounds, the better you know how to influence their cortical proteins and fats, the higher your conversion rate will be (not to mention, the more money you might separate from your bosses brain!). In this session 4pm on the 29th October Bart Schutz, Chief Persuasion Officer, @onlinedialogue will spoil you with mind blowing scientific insights about your brain.

More articles etc. on the Conversion Conference 2014

He will take you on a deep dive into the most effective online persuasion techniques, backing his argument with revenue & profit boosting cases. Fasten your seat belt for a roller coaster of theories, techniques & tests in this powerful session from one of Conversion Conference’s highest rated speakers.

Bart Schutz

Coming from a family of psychologists, Bart Schutz became a… psychologist. So did his wife.

After 2500+ usability tests he found out that A/B-testing is the holy grail of dialogue optimization. That one can test with a live audience what psychology professors tested in a lab. He has over 100 persuasion techniques in his wheel of persuasion, which made him the Chief Persuasion Officer at award winning Online Dialogue.

More articles etc. on the Conversion Conference 2014