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Special Offer : Hands up who needs a phone stand / Order 5,000 stands before the end of October 2014 – we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. The same is true for a phone stand. Discover Standeazy, the stand that fits into your wallet.

Designed to not only be practical when ‘in action’, transforming phones, tablets and e-readers into hands-free devices, it’s different because it is credit card sized and thus super slim, light weight and easy to carry anywhere.

Special time-limited offer –  If you order 5,000 @standeazy or more before the 30th October 2014, we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge.  Email –

The concept of a smartphone or tablet stand is no longer new and there are hundreds of models on the market.

So whilst we don’t think we need to explain any more why someone would ever want to stand up their hand-held device, it is surprising how many different uses there are – we had photos sent from a customer who’s little boy uses the stand for role playing (holding ‘the doctor’s chart’), someone converts their iPhone into a metronome for learning guitar and delighted mums report they finally found a simple and easy-to-transport solution to keep their phones out of kids hands when letting them watch something on the go…

We found that people use the stands out and about just as much as in the house and some have a dedicated stand for the kitchen and bathroom.
With smartphones being not the cheapest gadget in a household, it’s needless to say that Standeazy also protects from bumping a device on a hard surface, getting it covered in muck whilst cooking or mishandled by adventurous toddler fingers.

So perhaps the decision is not whether to buy one but which one!

Standeazy comes in three different colours and two materials. Designed and manufactured in the UK, you can choose from the polymer version which holds smartphones and e-readers such as the kindle, or the aluminium composite version (Standeazy Ultra) which also holds mini-tablets.

Standeazy is a clever little accessory for your smartphone  – and starting at £5 it not only fits into your wallet, it will keep it happy, too.

Special time-limited offer –  If you order 5,000 stands or more before the 30th October 2014, we will design and create your artwork for you free of charge.  Email –