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Video : CEO Toni Petersson sings a song he wrote entirely by himself to explain exactly what Oatly is all about

Oatly, the oat drink alternative to cow’s milk, has launched a new YouTube channel featuring a series of films starring its reluctant chief executive.In a one of a kind performance, multi-talented CEO Toni Petersson sings a song he wrote entirely by himself to explain exactly what Oatly is all about.

Oatly has released a campaign titled ‘Wow No Cow’ in which they have teamed up with the legendary Forsman & Bodenfors. Oatly makes oat drinks and only drinks. They don’t know anything about almonds or soy or rice or low-fat cows. All they know is oats. How to grow them, harvest them, choose them and turn them into liquid goodness.

The film titled ‘Wow No Cow’ is part of a series of films in which Toni takes Oatly’s message to a wider online audience. The films are both quirky and straightforward – like the brand itself. The series of films are created by award-winning agency Forsman & Bodenfors, who also created the legendary ‘The Epic Split’ by Volvo Trucks.

This is Tony TV

Toni TV is a series of films depicting the life and times of CEO Toni Petersson as he attempts to explain why people should try Oatly’s products. The series of films which includes more than 20 episodes at present, will be featured on Oatly’s Youtube channel.

Toni TV was recorded in and around the organic oat fields of southern Sweden where Oatly has it’s offices. In order to ensure that viewers get to meet the real Toni Petersson, much of the footage was filmed without Toni’s knowledge that we were actually filming. Also, we didn’t let Toni view any of the material until just before it was released. Did we do this to trick Toni? Not entirely. We just felt that it was important for the viewer to get an honest idea of who the real Toni is and how Oatly — behind his new, off beat, dynamic and visionary leadership — is becoming a lifestyle brand that makes nutritional products to help people find ways to upgrade their lives and the health of the planet too.

About the films“Agianst my better judgement I agreed to be featured in a series of films. At first I was really concerned that the ideas were bad, that I was bad and that all the commercials I had ever seen featuring CEOs were really terrible.

For me, it made more sense to spend time and money ondeveloping a strong idea that would explain to viewers how everyone at Oatly goes to workeveryday to improve people’s lives and the health of the planet. For some reason my creative director and agency thought I should sing this instead. I guess time will tell if I was right or if they were.”

Toni Petersson, CEO Oatly