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Beura : iBeacons have the potential to become the next generation marketing tool for retailers, museums, sport arenas and entertainment centres

Mobikats Launches iBeacon Mobile Marketing Platform

Award-winning app developer Mobikats ( today announces the launch of its enterprise-grade Beura iBeacon Platform.

Beura is Gaelic for iBeacon and the platform brings unmatched location based relevance through smartly designed customisable iBeacons coupled with the Beura tracking and messaging platform. It enables brands to track audiences in real space, engage them in real-time and deliver tailored messages, from reward points to service information.

Beura targets consumer spaces such as retail stores, malls, museums, airports and hotels giving brands a chance to capture their audience in the moment with rich, relevant, proximity experiences.

The Beura platform tracks and delivers heatmaps of app audiences across large spaces. The messaging tools allow brands to reward loyal followers in the moment, service customers needs in seconds, promote new products, deliver location sensitive information and engage with audiences.

“Our vision is for Beura to become a data platform that understands audiences’ unique needs and services those needs, in real-time, real-space environments”, CEO Phillip Hunt.

iBeacons are Low Energy Bluetooth transmitters, which transmit a unique identifier. Smartphones, iPhones and Android, can detect the presence of iBeacons, through mobile applications. This enables Beura to track any smartphone user who has a relevant app, pinpoint their precise position and deliver location specific messages.

iBeacons can detect a user at 3 unique ranges, immediate at up to 20cm, near at up to 2m and far at up to 50m. This flexible ranging enables Beura to capture audiences across large spaces, whether it’s locating and guiding travelers to their airport gate or attracting customers with VIP promotions as they enter a mall. iBeacons deliver messages to a smartphones’ lockscreen even if the associated app isn’t open and running, users can be deep-linked into apps for a content rich experience.

Mobikats has experience of working with multiple wireless technologies and have chosen to develop the Beura platform to work with iBeacons primarily for their capacity to pinpoint location with accuracy. iBeacons can run on a watch battery for up to 2years or connect to a mains supply which makes them very easy to deploy across vast spaces, from shops, theatres, museums and galleries to industrial sites and outside attractions, such as shows and music festivals.

Mobikats credentials in launching the app platform are unrivalled in Britain. The firm has built award-winning apps for NHS Direct, Oliver Sweeney, NCP, Coca-Cola and many more well known brands.

“Beura iBeacon technology has the potential to change the fundamental way that marketing departments reach out and engage with their customers in a manner never possible before,” says Phill Hunt, Mobikats CEO. “Whether it be for applications in supermarkets such as Tesco and ASDA, the British Museum, stadiums such as the Emirates or Old Trafford, Mobikats’ Beura platform allows brands to better interact with customers and build brand loyalty.”