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The top 10 trends in affiliate marketing for 2015 / Affiliate Window

Affiliate Window have sent us their latest research. They say …..

We’ve just released our latest white paper looking at the top 10 trends in affiliate marketing for 2015 featuring lots of data/stats, industry opinions, and projections.

10 Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2015

Written by Lisa Chaikin on November 20, 2014. Posted in White papers

Every year Affiliate Window compiles a list of the top themes and trends set to shape the affiliate agenda over the next 12 months.

The Strategy Team’s latest whitepaper is comprised of ten topics that paint a picture of the evolution of the industry, identifying developments that we believe may slowly alter perceptions, and therefore approach, or build upon the knowledge of certain quarters of the affiliate eco-system, growing the overall scope and reach.

“Expert opinion from across the affiliate spectrum”

The list is by no means comprehensive but we take a series of themes that we know will be high priority for the network .We also use the opportunity to cover some more radical ideas and scenarios that could transform areas of the industry.

We want this whitepaper to stimulate debate as well as draw upon expert opinion from across the affiliate spectrum, so alongside our input you’ll also find commentary from some of the companies we work with. Thanks to each of them for their contributions.

We hope you enjoy the themes we identify and they help shape your perceptions of a channel that, for many, sits at a crossroads. Your opinions may differ and we’re happy to be challenged on how we can continue to help shape the affiliate agenda in 2015.

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