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How to find out more information about your website visitors / CANDDi

Serial Entrepreneur Tim Langley founded CANDDi, in 2009, with the aim of helping SME’s find out more information about their website visitors. Having previously run 4 companies – Tim knew better than most the frustrations inherent with traditional website tracking tools and the lack of relevance that these had to most businesses.

In order to do this, CANDDi spent three years developing and building technology that would collate all the data you could ever need. In September 2012, CANDDi took the product to market, initially focussing on SME’s that wanted to grow their customer base.

CANDDi works by collating as much data as possible and using it to build a profile of your visitor. Unlike other platforms, CANDDi won’t forget any information – it keeps a record of who the visitor is, what they did and then, when relevant, will provide a real-time alert to your sales or marketing teams.

CANDDi tracks the individual visitor’s coming to your website and, in many instances, finds their company details, email addresses and social media information. In addition, you’ll be able to find out what pages they’ve been looking at, what they’re interested in, and how often they return to your website.

CANDDi work with you to personalise the findings based on what your business wants to know. If you want to eliminate certain geographical areas, they can do that. If you want to focus only on people who click onto your contact page, that’s not a problem either.

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