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Top 15 product pages for 2014 in Hospitality & Catering News

by on January 15, 2015 in Business, Latest News, Lead Article, Research, Retail News

Top 15 product pages for 2014 in Hospitality & Catering News

Readers’ Choice, we just love the way Hospitality & Catering News takes the time that their reader’s spend reading articles through Google Analytics to set their Top 15 product pages in 2014.

Pages views would have been much simpler and quicker, but by also applying time spent on page a far more valuable metric is applied. The qualitative nature of the measurement shows what people are really spending their time reading, so well done H&C News and all their advertiser’s that make the cut.

John Wanamaker famously said..’ Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half’ we suspect he would have appreciated Google Analytics and the way H&C News uses it.

When we review our website and newsletter product advertising pages through Google Analytics, it reveals what we need to know to keep providing the right type of product information to our reader’s.

If anyone reading this is not familiar with Google Analytics, it is software that tells a website owner how that website is performing. It reveals how many people are reading the pages you publish and how much time they are spending reading them, and much more.

By understanding what types of product pages the readers of H&C News are spending most time reading we can then provide more similar pages.

Top 15 Product Pages for 2014

We multiply the total number of page views for each product article by the average time spent on the page in order to produce our Top 15 ranking. So the ranking is qualitative, showing which pages were read the most.

2014 saw 4 established product ‘themes’ maintain their popularity with readers, and the advent of a new one. They are:

Chef – chefs work across almost every foodservice outlet, including Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Contract Caterers, so products relevant for chef are always well received.

Chef related competitions fared well in 2014 as did recipes and tableware.

Food and Drink – the purpose of any foodservice venue is to serve these products, so no surprises here.

The ever popular ‘coffee’ not only made our Products Top 15 but also our top page on the site overall last year.

The rising star last year was soft drinks and we were delighted to see Coca Cola make our No1 Product 2014.

Wine also made the top 15 products and gain popularity with readers.

Our number 1 banner was tea and number 2 was gravy – both basic essentials at every foodservice outlet. All food is of course chef’s domain.

Catering Equipment – is used at every foodservice outlet and as such the popularity of these products was maintained throughout 2014. A main product area for chefs, of course.

Technology – synonymous with technology is guest experience – hoteliers have Wi-Fi issues to consider, restaurants are looking at booking systems, and all foodservice venues know that technology products improve the guest experience at their venue.

Finding the right one, of course, is not always easy, but 2014 saw case studies find favour with readers especially where market leaders were cited.

FreeFrom – 0ur newest product category came from the build-up throughout 2014 to the EU Food Information Regulations 1169/2011, implemented in December, which of course impact every foodservice outlet.

FreeFrom product pages saw readers across our industry look for information to help them prepare for and implement processes to meet with the requirements of the legislation, as well as identify food products and ingredients that will assist compliance whilst delivering great taste.

Now – please take a look at our top 15 Product Pages 2014 below, and consider how your products or services could work with H&C News to reach these readers who are actively seeking news and information on products…

Coca Cola announces launch of Coca-Cola Life

Embracing the Wi-Fi challenge

The ‘Perfect’ Obsession

Bidvest 3663 and Unilever pioneer purchasing revolution

Dragons Den entrepreneur’s simple wine solution thriving

Win Lunch or Dinner for Two and an overnight stay at Northcote

Foodservice industry trading portal launched

Nespresso launches Spring 2014 Limited Edition Duo

New food allergen, menu costing and nutritional analysis tool

Villeroy & Boch Culinary World Cup 2014

Foodservice operators unaware of allergen legislation

‘Rolls Royce’ warewashers at Le Gavroche for Michel Roux Jr

Marco Pierre White admits to secret love affair

Angela Harnett’s Café Murano added to TISSL portfolio

Aladdin’s Cave of catering equipment discovered in Hayes

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