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Accelero is Occam DM’s new in house marketing tool that lets you understand your customers to create, deliver and measure effective campaigns in a quick to deploy, cost effective package

Understand. Create. Deliver. Measure.

Gary Arnold, head of marketing technology at Occam – a St Ives Group company – said: “Customer understanding is essential to delivering engaging marketing experiences, and data is the raw fuel that drives it. This has been a fundamental part of Occam’s proposition since our inception over 20 years ago.  Watch the video

What is Accelero? Accelero, launched by Occam @occamdm – part of St Ives Group – aims to answer the question, “what is the behaviour behind people’s purchases?” and, perhaps more importantly, “how can I act quickly to respond to these behaviours to trigger a personalised experience with a ‘quick-to-deploy’ solution?”

  • Has data management at its core
  • Comprises technology that provides understanding of the customer
  • Allows organisations to configure customer engagement strategies across multiple channels.

It is built on a data management capability that provides a single view of the consumer. It does that by trying to bypass some of the red tape and lengthy processes that can be associated with building the SCV.

Following the effort of establishing a unified view, the next challenge is doing something valuable with the data. Accelero gives clients access to a number of leading tools that exist to automate decisioning and delivery of customer communications.

Is Accelero unique?

Yes. We have chosen to use a collection of different technologies as opposed to building them ourselves or buying businesses and their technology. So it’s unique in that sense – we have taken the effort to integrate these existing, proven products. This approach also allows brands to upgrade their technology to more sophisticated applications as their marketing activities increase and grow.

Why is Accelero being launched now?

Marketers need to see a much quicker ROI, to justify how they spend money. We ensure you can deploy Accelero as quickly as possible so marketers can get going with their campaigns. This should help marketers convince budget holders to invest money quicker.

It is also in direct response to the pressures the market faces to meet lowering costs and greater efficiencies in the use of data to drive personal marketing experiences. Marketers are facing huge stresses and demands on their budgets; this is one key step to enabling marketers to stretch their budgets further, and realise activities and results quickly.

Is it being sold as one product?

Accelero is modular. Clients can just opt for one element such as data management, visualisation or campaign management, or include several, depending on their individual needs and pain points.  The required level of support can grow, as the level of sophistication and complexity grows for marketers and their brands. This means we can allow the client to step towards an enterprise solution without large cost, and prove the ROI to the business in the process.

What difference will a client’s customers see?

Much more relevant content, communications, offers/propositions and personalised experiences that they will engage with.

Who will buy and use Accelero?

It is targeted at all sizes of business. They all have an interest in personalising their marketing strategies, including those without deep pockets that have been priced out of this type of data management before. Prior to Accelero, there were few options that gave marketers data and technology flexibility. Instead, they were required to invest in one piece of technology or go to larger options, and meet the associated costs and time frames that come with that approach.

Accelero is also helpful in any sector. There are common data challenges in many industries, so we’ve built the platform based on those. We’ve made it as configurable as possible to address more particular needs per sector.

How is Accelero deployed?

This depends on what the client is trying to achieve. They may just need us to deploy the product or we may need to give them more support and insight to help them understand how to make the most out of the product. This could mean giving them training or handling data segmentation and management. Our involvement also depends on the client’s existing capabilities. We can help them from a small involvement up to complete deployment and any associated business transformation that would be needed.

How does Accelero transform measurement and ROI?

Clients need to see they’re getting results. The platform brings together customer engagement and behaviour; we can prove the ROI from the marketing strategies that are provided from within Accelero.

How did you pick and involve Accelero’s technology partners?

All the partners within Accelero have worked with Occam for several years so we have good relationships with them already. The creation of Accelero will strengthen those bonds.

Does Accelero exclude other partners or can it be added to?

We will always look at a client’s existing technology commitments and work with them to integrate Accelero to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. The aspiration is to have a host of partners that we have integrated Accelero with so clients have the smoothest experience possible.

What complementary services does Occam provide that would enhance Accelero’s capabilities?

To help brands deliver more personalised experiences to their customers, Occam and its own CRM agency Amaze One offers a range of expert services alongside Accelero, including: insight, planning, campaign services, content creation & design and customer content strategies.


For all Accelero enquiries please contact Guy Milsom on 01761 233 833