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Save time by outsourcing your website and SEO content

by on February 3, 2015 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, Northern England, Research

Do you want an amazing web presence for your business that really attracts customers with fresh exciting content? This is certainly the goal of anyone who starts a website for their business.

However, achieving this goal is often more difficult than it looks. Producing a steady stream of fresh content that is optimised for search engines but also engaging for your human audience is time-consuming and difficult. Save time and outsource your website and SEO content.

Why Outsource Your Content Creation

We all know that Google and other search engines love fresh content. Websites that are static and stale are penalised in the search engine rankings. Human visitors also love fresh content. They want to see that your business is engaged with its customers and constantly providing valuable information about your field. Constant content creation is a must for effective digital marketing.

Producing the volume of content necessary to keep your website fresh is a huge challenge. You went into business to provide services or products that you are passionate about. You did not sign up for writing two to three blog posts a week for your website. The solution is to hire someone else to produce content for you and stick to serving your customers.

Benefits of Outsourcing Content Creation


  • You save time. Creating quality content is time-consuming. Let someone else do it.
  • Better quality content. You may not be a great writer or an expert at SEO. The good news is that when you outsource your content, you will get well written content that is optimised for search engines. You do not need to be an expert a digital marketing.
  • No need to hire additional staff. The alternative to outsourcing is to hire someone to do this. But you may not have enough work for a full-time employee. In addition, you may want a broader range of input. Hiring one person locks you down to one perspective.
  • A consistent voice. You might be concerned that outsourced content might not capture the identity of your brand. However, a good outsourcing agency will take time to investigate your business and write content that captures your unique brand personality.

Types of Outsourcing

There are two ways to outsource your content. You can hire a freelancer or multiple freelancers. You can also hire an agency.

Hiring a freelancer will probably be less expensive. Agencies have a lot more overhead to cover. However, hiring a freelancer will require more attention on your part. You will have to manage the activity of the freelancer. If you have more than one freelancer, your work doubles. In addition, if one freelance writer is no longer able to accept your work, then you need to start the entire process over with another freelancer.

Hiring an agency might be more expensive, however, it requires a lot less work. The agency will help you develop an effective content creation plan and then provide the resources to execute it. You will have to interact with the agency, but not with each and every writer. The agency manages the content creation process and not you. In the long run, it might be better to go with an agency. They can provide consistent service for the long-term.

You can save time and outsource your website and SEO content. Precise English is an agency that can effectively do this for you. Then your website will become a customer magnet.

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