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Email marketing : By your command, this is what we’ll be doing for you over the next quarter! / E-goi

by on April 22, 2015 in Email Marketing, Events, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, Research

Ruben Alvim at e-goi writes .. This year we went for something different on April Fools’

We’d obviously pull your leg when you clicked “Submit”, but the key thing here is what you’d have us do if you were actually our CEO.

We tallied the results and out of the 4 possible choices, you would:

Make sure all emails land in the inbox

Make E-goi more user-friendly

Provide quicker customer care

Do something else

Were you shocked to hear this?

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Not really. These results weren’t too far off the mark from our own internal findings, but it was really cool to get massive first-hand feedback from you confirming them. The real kicker was under the “do something else” option though, where you left us terrific (and sometimes incredibly detailed) insight on your requirements. We sifted through all comments (hundreds of them) and, based on your feedback, this is what we’ll be focusing on over the coming months:

– More email/form/SMS templates, especially marketing automation templates.

– More video how-tos, with a strong emphasis on doing complex things (ex. putting together a retail sales funnel or whipping up marketing automation for blogs).

– More speed. Even though we’re one of the fastest ESPs around, we’ll be working on extra infrastructure routing to improve navigation speed for those of you logging in from hard-to-connect locations around the world.

– An even keener eye on deliverability. The best delivery in the business comes down to two things: the technical side (which we handle for you) and your subscribers’ engagement (which is on your side). We take care of everything tech-wise to put you in best standing with all ISPs (Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Yahoo, etc.), offering you full authentication (plus CNAME authorisation), reputation monitoring, auto-throttling and plenty more. This allows you to pass the full roster of ISP sender checks with flying colours, but there’s one thing we can’t do:

We can’t make your subscribers love you.

That’s on you and you only. We’re a marketing tool, which means garbage in, garbage out. Still, we can warn you about any garbage you may have, tell you to stop feeding it to your audience and explain how you can turn it into crispy, delicious granola they’ll fall head over heels with (really, try it! 🙂

This means E-goi will provide you with more deliverability tips, extra reporting on your performance and more prominent warnings, especially if we notice something that may endanger your sending reputation.

What about those hundreds of comments you got? Mine was one of them; will you consider my request?

Sure, it was your command as our CEO, right? 🙂 Your comments have been taken on board, but we can’t obviously give them all the same priority (and some are just not feasible at this time). Rest assured though we’ve put them in our long-term roadmap so you’ll eventually see your suggestion pushed live.

Always remember: E-goi is made for you. Whatever you ask us, we’ll try to make a reality, so keep your suggestions coming!

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