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Mums to discover the latest health & happiness products – Talk to Mums

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DATE: 24TH APRIL, 2015


This event aims to open mums eyes to the range of products available in the marketplace to help her in looking after her families happiness & well-being. We will be inviting brands from food, drink, travel, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, appliances and tech to attend.

About the Event

Food & Drink – Brunch / Finger food will be provided. This will consist of tea, coffee, cold drinks and plates of food being served around the room and placed on a table within the venue.

Video Sharing – A roaming videographer on-hand to record speakers, interview participants and brands. We will cut these videos into little segments and share these with both the brands and our digital mums. We hope that you will find these useful information sources to be able to share with your readers to give them as much insight and information to help them in their daily lives as possible.

Hashtag sharing –  This hashtag #t2mblogbrunch will be used on the event day for all digital mums and brands to share information instantly with their community.

Survey’s – By attending this free event you agree to fill in the survey at the end. This survey is a range of questions about the event and the brands in attendance. It enables you to express your opinion and feedback with us in an informal way so that we can collate the responses and share it with the brands. It also enables us to find out which brands you would like to write further information on. This way we can ensure you get what you need as quickly as possible.

Bringing children – We know that sometimes it is difficult to be able to find suitable childcare especially if you have small babies. For this reason, anyone that has a child younger then 6 months can bring them along to attend the event. Please note that there is no elevator and we are on the 1st floor and we wouldn’t be able to have buggies into the room.

The brands & experiences – We are in the process of signing up the brands to attend this event. Once we have signed all the brands up we will provide a list of who is coming with an overview of their product. This will be sent out to you a couple of days prior to the event.




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