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Signal Unveils Upgraded Fuse Platform for Cross-Channel Data Collection

by on April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

Marketers Now Have a Single Platform to Collect, Connect and Distribute All Online and Offline Data in Real Time

Signal, ( the global leader in real-time, cross-channel marketing technology, today launched a comprehensive data collection interface for its Fuse Platform. The new Fuse Data Hub interface is a first-of-its kind tool for centralizing and harnessing cross-channel data in a single platform for improved customer insights and engagement.
According to a recent survey of global marketers, brands struggle to gather and integrate data from many of the most common consumer touch points. Only 37% of marketers can collect and integrate mobile app data, and only half can do so from CRM systems. Even fewer — 42% — can collect and connect ad impression data, and only 23% are able to gather and merge POS data. Fuse is designed to solve these challenges, empowering marketers to better understand the customer journey and deliver seamless customer experiences.
With Fuse, marketers can collect and connect customer data from any digital engagement point including websites, mobile apps, digital advertising, email campaigns, point-of-sale (POS) systems, beacons, CRM systems, kiosks, and call-centers. Users can gather and integrate data from any channel or combination of channels to meet their specific needs. Fuse gives marketers control over all data collection and distribution in one complete interface.
“Consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their interactions with brands, using offline and online channels whenever they want, however they choose. However, many marketers have yet to move beyond the web in leveraging their cross-channel engagement data,” said Mike Sands (pictured) , CEO, Signal. “Fuse is Signal’s answer for marketers. The platform’s new Data Hub interface puts control of cross-channel data collection at marketers’ fingertips. It’s complete, streamlined, and efficient, and helps marketers view their customer data through a single lens to drive deeper insights and deliver better experiences.”
Fuse capabilities include:
• Real-time data collection and centralization from any customer engagement channel in a single interface. Once all data is in one location, users can activate Signal’s Fuse ID for a single, unique identifier that merges all of an individual’s fragmented profiles into a unified view of each customer.
• Ecosystem-neutral data distribution for better marketing measurement and personalization. Data can be sent in real time to marketing and media platforms, or to analytics and data warehouses. Data feeds can also be sent in real time, scheduled, or on call based on marketing needs.
• A real-time dashboard to give marketers an aggregated view of all data collected across all channels.

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