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People want seamless mobile integration wherever they lay their hat … Sarah Hughes

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By Sarah Hughes, Co- founder of Fiz,

There have been some very interesting surveys carried out recently looking at, for want of a better expression, our addiction to mobile devices.

According to digital marketing agency Tecmark we use smartphones to carry out a staggering 221 tasks every day, with social media, emails and texts featuring heavily in our use. We also continue this habit when travelling.

The Bio Agency revealed that 20% of travellers use mobiles and tablets whilst on holiday, mostly to create a more tailored and bespoke holiday experience. Travellers want real-time information on local areas; where to go, what to avoid and they want to hear what others have got to say about it. It’s all part of a more streamlined and seamless travel experience. Mobile devices are no longer just for communication purposes. They are a mobile guidebook, booking agent, deal finder, entertainment centre and payment gateway.

The connected traveller is always on, ever seeking the latest and best information and tools.  When people check into hotels there is a growing trend towards the self-service option. Guests want anytime access to what they need, when they need it and with a device they already carry.

In fact, it is as much about making their stay frictionless as it is enhancing it.

Topping the charts for guest expectations is unquestionably free high-speed wifi.   Fast hotel wifi is now as important as hot and cold running water and guests use it to conduct themselves as normal – Facetiming Mum, accessing emails and crucially, sharing lovely things about where they are, some of which should definitely include their hotel. Without it, guests (albeit still happy ones) cannot share that wonderful breakfast, serene spa or stunning view. In fact, a hotel’s super-strength wifi is their ‘big win’.

So what next?

By adding carefully selected content to their wifi welcome screens, hotel’s can direct guests to their very latest offers, special promotions and detailed real-time information on the local places to go, grabbing the edge you need to stay in their minds and make their stay even more delightful.

By Sarah Hughes, Co- founder of Fiz,

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