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Promoting your business – where to start

by on July 6, 2015 in featured item, Lead Article, News you can use

Where you run a small or large business, promoting and marketing your company is an integral part of its success.

Promoting your business is the best way to expand your client base and it also can also provide new opportunities to explore.

There are many ways to promote your business, each varying in costs and time. Consequently, some business may choose to specifically promote them in one format, but to achieve maximum coverage and reach you should combine a few different methods.

Face to face contact

Promoting your business in person allows you to interact face to face with any potential new clients and customers. Having a stall at an exhibition, or even holding your own, is an excellent way to promote your business directly to people who may not be aware of you. You can show samples of your product or services to spark interest and fully explain exactly what your business does. You can use presentations on a TV and hang out promotional fliers, so that you can answer any questions people may have about your business.

Attending corporate events is another good way to promote your business, since meeting professionals from other related businesses will provide you with the opportunity to spread awareness of your business within a group of like-minded people. You also have the chance to build relationships with similar companies and create mutually beneficial partnerships, in order to gain referrals or suss out your competition at corporate events.

Charity events are another great place that you can promote your business, whilst also benefiting the event as a whole. For a business, being linked with a charity event will be good publicity and you’ll also have the chance to meet and greet potential new customers in person.

Promotional merchandise

Branded merchandise with your company logo is an innovative way to promote your business. You can pass out this merchandise as freebies at any corporate events, exhibitions and client meetings you attend to help spread the word about your company

Typical promotional merchandise such as pens, calendars and magnets tend to stay in use for a long period of time and will remain in view to the user most of the time, so your business name becomes something people are familiar with. As examples;

–       Branded pens are easily handed out at meeting and events and will be used time and time again.

–       Magnets are a quirky novelty item easily given out at events and exhibitions, as they are small and convenient to carry around

.There are many types of branded merchandise that you may not have even considered. Innovative items such as USB devices, headphones and even confectionery can be branded with your business name and details. Larger items such as drinking bottles and tote bags can also be branded with your company logo. Clothing, headwear and sporting equipment can also be used as promotional merchandise to help to get your business out there.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) performed a study in 2014 on promotional merchandise and how it is received. The study showed that 76% of people keep the promotional merchandise they are given and 73% of those the BPMA surveyed will go on to purchase from the company who gave them the merchandise. 83% of those who took part in the survey said that they could name the brand on the promotional item without needing to look at it.

Overall, 96% of people believe that branded merchandise increases company awareness.

Promoting your business through a combination of face-to-face contact and promotional merchandise is a fantastic way to promote your brand and make sure you are remembered.



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