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Research : The fastest growing ethnicity searched for by marketers is Middle Eastern

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To reach today’s global audiences, diversity in marketing has become increasingly important and Shutterstock has identified the latest in diversity trends in their People report.

Thanks to the internet, businesses need to market their products and services to more people than ever before in order to remain competitive and so diversity is now essential in regards to ethnicities, ages and genders.

Changing Faces

In 2012, a multicultural image entered Shutterstock’s Top 25 People downloads for the first time. This year, the Top 25 list includes five images of people with distinct backgrounds. Using insights from Shutterstock downloads and searches, discover how businesses, advertisers, and marketing agencies are bringing more people in

What these diversity trends mean, some of the diversity challenges faced by marketers and what’s next on the diversity front.

The current diversity trends include:

  • –         The fastest growing ethnicity searched for by marketers is Middle Eastern, followed by Black, Asian and Hispanic
  • –         Images of babies and children are growing faster than ever before in every region in the world
  • –         Asia has the five fastest growing markets of teenagers in Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand
  • –         Nearly 100 countries downloaded at least transgender image in the first half of 2015, with the United States and the United Kingdom leading the way
  • –         Both male and female images have increased at the same rate of 13%

The latest in diversity trends in their People report.

Graphics by Shutterstock

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