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Affiliate Window : Key stats include £83,000 total commission tracked via our cross-device technology, and 301,247 clicks from our Convert-a-link tool in one month

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INFOGRAPHIC: Product Showcase – Innovation that challenges convention

Our aim at Affiliate Window is to be the best affiliate marketing network we can be, and everything we do is geared towards this goal, including the new products we develop.

This year we placed particular emphasis on developing innovative products that challenge the conventions in the channel; such as launching cross device tracking and making alternative payment models available to advertisers, including bidding functionality through Opportunity Marketplace and payment-on-influence.

Following the recent launches of these new tools for advertisers and publishers, we @AffWin wanted to highlight some of the fantastic results we’ve seen so far.

View the infographic here

Opportunity Marketplace

The Opportunity Marketplace has been developed to give publishers a way of managing and promoting all their opportunities on the Affiliate Window platform in an easy-to-use directory. Each opportunity will display detailed information about what’s involved, a suggested price and a suggested date so that an advertiser can get in touch to negotiate and agree on the final details.

Stats: Over 800 opportunities have been created by more than 260 publishers. Over 150 advertisers have bid on an offer.


Our Convert-a-link plug-in is an application created to help ease the task of converting product links into trackable affiliate links for publishers, by simply pasting a piece of JavaScript onto their website.

Stats: 301,247 clicks from convert-a-link in one month. Commission generated £65,451.

Cross-device tracking

Did you know that the network’s traffic reached 50% from mobile devices in December 2014, and according to research from Google, 67% of consumers make e-commerce journeys on more than one device? This is why our cross-device tracking is the industry’s leading functionality to track and reward transactions made on more than one device.

The ability to track cross-device will give advertisers a genuine understanding of how the performance channel drives customers, where previously anybody interacting with the channel across more than one device wasn’t recorded.

Stats: 54 programmes tracked sales so far, with £83,000 total commission tracked.


We wanted to make commission flexible, so we introduced commission-by-assist for all advertisers and publishers.

Advertisers are able to offer ‘top-up’ commission to publishers that are early contributors to the sales funnel while retaining the fundamental cost-per-acquisition principle. They will also be able to identify individual publishers and cap payments for assists that lead to transactions.

Stats: In June 12 programmes rewarded content publishers on assist and 28 publishers for paid for an assist.


Offering an additional alternative payment model, commission-by-basket allows advertisers to choose specific commission rates depending on the value of the order.

Stats: 44 programmes rewarded commission to publishers based on basket value.

If you would like any further information on our tools, get in touch with the Product team.


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