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5 things every business should invest in to keep their staff happy

by on October 26, 2015 in Latest News, Lead Article, Nuggets, Rock 'n Roll, Small Business, Startups

In order to have a truly successful business, you need to have happy, satisfied employees who are excited about coming to work for you every day.

And as a business owner, there are certain things that you can invest in in order to keep your staff happy for the long run. Continue reading to learn about five things that you can invest in to do just that.

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1.      Attractive and Laidback Décor and Ergonomic Furniture

Employers who use the right décor, and who incorporate comfortable ergonomic furniture throughout their workplace, are able to entice the most talented employees to join their firms and stay for the long run. The idea is to sort of blur the lines between work and home, making the workplace a really comfortable one that encourages a fun and calming ambiance that is also conducive to creativity. So consider incorporating a lounge area, an area where employees can relax, chat, and listen to music or play games, and standing desks or treadmill desks.

2.      Reserved Parking Spaces

If your business is located in a busy city where parking is hard to come by or you do not have your own designated parking lot or garage, investing in reserved parking spaces for your employees will definitely be a great incentive to come work for you. For example, if you’re based in Manchester then is a good option for long-term parking.

3.      Additional Training for Free

Employees who are able to continue learning and expanding upon their current skills are happier because they have the tools that they need to do their jobs better and to advance to higher positions within the company. Therefore, investing in continuing education for your employees is yet another way to keep them satisfied. Consider providing training in the form of workshops and conferences, online courses, and university classes.

4.      Customised Rewards

Rewarding your employees for their hard work and accomplishments is yet another way to keep them happy, so invest in rewards that they will love. These could be anything from gift cards and short getaways, to movie or concert tickets. Think about the culture of your business and what you are all about, as doing so could help you pinpoint some really neat reward ideas that your employees will love. A clever timesaver is, just sign your employees up to them and they’ll provide a range of benefits.

5.      Dinner and Drinks with Staff

Taking your entire staff out for some dinner and drinks is a really great way to connect with everyone in a calm, fun, and relaxed atmosphere. It is the perfect opportunity for your staff to connect with you, as well as with one another, and it is also a great way for them to forge stronger friendships that will help them collaborate more effectively in the office. Opt for restaurants that provide entertainment, such as karaoke or live music, and invest in food and drinks that will reward your employees for their hard work.

By investing in these tools and strategies for employee satisfaction, you can create a strong workforce at your business and ensure that your staff will be willing to work hard for a long time to come.

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