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Research : “5 Things You Need Before Starting Your Own Restaurant”

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Opening a restaurant can be exciting, especially if you’re a chef who loves sharing your culinary creations with everyone. But no one ever said that running a restaurant is easy.

Continue reading to learn a few of the things you’ll need before starting a restaurant so you can ensure its success. All graphics by Shutterstock.

1. Business Insurance

Like any other business, your restaurant will need to invest in the right business insurance from companies like Bizinsure in order to have the protection against lawsuits that’s necessary to stay in business. But restaurants are also different from other businesses, especially when it comes to insurance needs.

In addition to the typical general liability coverage you should get for customers who slip and fall and get hurt, you also need to get coverage for food poisoning that could result from poor food preparation or contamination. And you should invest in food spoilage insurance that could result from damage to your building or power loss. Of course, you need workers’ compensation insurance to cover employee injuries, and you should invest in property insurance in case there’s any damage to your facility.

2. Location

Any great restaurant owner knows that three things are required for success: a great location, a unique concept, and a talented chef. These three facets of your company will work together to attract customers and keep them coming back for more, so take your time when it comes to finding the ideal location and chef, as well as coming up with a popular concept.

When it comes to location, you want to find a spot that will be easy for people to access. You should also find a building that’s large enough for all of your expectations, whether you’re running a restaurant where private parties can be held or you’re planning on operating a pizzeria.

3. Concept

In addition to a great location, you also need a great concept that will grow popular with your local client base. Think about the types of restaurants that are in demand, which are lacking, and which you feel passionate about.

4. Chef

To make all of your culinary expectations a reality from one day to the next, hire a talented chef who can bring your vision to life, or someone you can train if you’re a chef. And make sure you hire a talented cooking staff to carry the weight of all of the food orders.

5. Licenses

A restaurant owner also needs to invest in the right licenses in order to operate. Be aware, though, that inspections and licenses will vary from one city or state to another, so make sure you look into local requirements.

Generally, though, some of the main license categories for restaurants include a business license, food handling and safety license, liquor license, building license, cabaret license, music license, and trademark or franchise license. Again, it will depend upon where your restaurant is located and what type of restaurant you operate.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to start and run a successful restaurant you’ll love.


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