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Research: Generation Y hoping for a smart watch this Christmas … Future Thinking

by on December 23, 2015 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Research, Retail News

Wearable tech and smart watches are the biggest innovation in consumer technology since the smart phone.

The most high profile smart watch is undoubtedly the Apple Watch, launched in the UK in April this year; but there are a range of options available to consumers including: smart watch pioneer Pebble, Google, Motorola and Samsung.

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Future Thinking, the business intelligence research consultancy and Toluna, carried out an online survey and analysed the results of over 2200 respondents across the UK, asking:

Smart watches, like the Apple Watch, allow you to read emails, receive texts and access to apps from your watch

Which of the following apply…

  • I already have a smart watch
  • I hope to get a smart watch for Christmas
  • I’m considering getting a smart watch but won’t get one for Christmas
  • I don’t want a smart watch

Results:11% of under 35 year olds hope to get a smart watch for Christmas and this rises to one in five ofunder 18 year olds. Overall, 7% of those surveyed hope to get a smart watch for Christmas and afurther 13% are considering getting one in the future; whilst 11% of under 18 year olds and 9% of18-34 year olds interviewed already own a smart watch.

Figures show that this still leaves 76% of those surveyed not currently interested in wanting a smartwatch and this figure rises to 89% for over 55 year olds, reflecting their appeal to the youngergenerations. However it does show that just under a quarter are interested in the potential ofwearable technology.

What does this mean?

Claudia Strauss, Managing Director at Future Thinking comments: “For early adopters of technology wearable tech is the next must have device.

Whilst the numbers may appear small, given that the Apple Watch is still relatively new, it demonstrates a real appetite in the broader population; ratherthan being the exclusive toy of the early adopter. With Samsung’s version now also available, anincreasing visibility and availability, combined with future generations offering greater functionality,will no doubt mean even more of us will be wearing our communications in the near future.”

No of responses: 2260

Males: 37% Females: 63%

Age – Under 18: 2% Age – 18 – 34: 29% Age – 35-54: 38% Age – 55+: 31%

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