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PR : “If I was VW I would offer this a guy a new engine sharpish”

by on December 9, 2015 in Blunders, Business, Latest News, Lead Article, Rock 'n Roll

Given the news below VW do not need this very problematic social media headache.

The Volkswagen Group could be prepared to sell some off its luxury car brands to pay back a one-year loan of around €20bn, Reuters reports.

Volkswagen has told the banks supplying the credit line that it will sell its assets if no other way of repaying the loan is possible, according to two sources.

VW secured the €20bn loan earlier this week and plans to refinance it by issuing bonds, claim the sources.

If it came to selling assets, one of VWs likely divestments would be their MAN subsidiary. MAN is known for truck and lorry production but also makes diesel engines for ships and turbo-machinery.


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