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Women for Women : Lifestyle bloggers have reviewed ‘works with water’s’ help: clear skin and help: beautify skin supplements

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Beauty bloggers share natural skincare secrets

Over the past six months, many top beauty and lifestyle bloggers have reviewed our help: clear skin and help: beautify skin supplements. Now, in the busy run-up to Christmas, we wanted to share some of their results with you, their skin secrets and the reasons they were so passionate about fitting our natural skincare supplements into their busy schedules.

Prepare your skin for big events in advance

We find that many of the bloggers recommend that their readers use our skincare supplements before big events, like weddings, parties and holidays. We all know how important is to look your best before an important event — and Christmas is no exception!

Vanisha, from Life of Vanisha, wrote “After trialling help clear skin for a month my skin was left clear, and as if I had just been a holiday. I was glowing, which was perfect for this time of the year as in the winter your skin is nothing but dull and needing some life. As a product that can make such a big difference in a short amount of time, it is a must have product if you’re soon to be married or going to a big event.”

And Leigh from ​Fashion du Jour agreed when she tried out help: beautify skin this winter, “I was hoping it would calm and chill out my skin during my busy period, whilst fitting in with it too as my time’s becoming increasingly precious. But…boy oh boy did these little beauties surpass my expectations!”

She added, “The combination of anti-inflammatory, regenerating  and nourishing ingredients have definitely cushioned my skin against the effects of the season. So much so I am starting a second two week programme as I type! I highly recommend (along with plenty of water, good skincare and eating well as much as possible) this as your secret weapon this Christmas too.”

Choose a natural skincare solution that delivers results

help clear skin  help clear skin MEN packs

The reason help: clear skin and help: beautify skin work so well before big events is that after as little as 4 weeks of taking them regularly, you can see the benefits. Which is why Betty from Inspiremeland vowed to use help: clear skin one month before her upcoming wedding day – and we’re so happy to hear that Betty!

She wrote, “I would really recommend this to people that have a really sensitive skin and cannot apply topical creams as they get breakouts [.help: clear skin..] It’s really amazing and it’s healthy too. I think I will buy this product 1 month before my wedding as I want my skin to be beautiful at that time.”

Make sure your beauty routine is simple especially when you’re on-the-go

It’s great to hear that people have had such dramatic results with our natural skincare products, but we also like to hear about how easy they are to fit into everyone’s routine too.

The fact both help: clear skin and help: beautify skin come in sachets means that it’s (nearly) impossible to forget to take them. And this is something Sally from Sally Akins found when she reviewed help: beautify skin.

She wrote, “I really like these little sachets. They’re incredibly handy because they are ready to eat, so you can just pop a couple in your handbag or keep a box in your drawer at work. You just tear the sachet open and squeeze the apple-flavoured jelly into your mouth. And I was actually quite surprised by how good they taste!”

But it’s not just the fact that our natural skincare supplements are so easy-to-eat, we pack as many proven natural skin nutrients as possible into each daily sachet — so you don’t have to worry about taking anything extra or adding more and more to your skincare routine.

help beautify skin anti-ageing beauty supplementZoe from Mad About Make Up felt this is what really made help: beautify skin stand out. She wrote, “”Help:Beautify Skin is like no other beauty supplement on the market, it’s an edible jelly that is jam-packed with nutrients and is a delicious treat for both you and your skin. It’s formulated with skin boosting ingredients and possesses amazing anti-ageing properties too […]

Adding something like Help:Beautify Skin to your daily routine, can seriously boost your natural intake of skin-loving vitamins like Vitamin C, CoEnzymeQ10, Collagen, Resveratrol – all of which really do kick-ass with regards to healing skin from within.” ​

Go for healthy skin solutions… rather than extreme skin procedures

We love to hear that bloggers and customers have witnessed big changes in their skin after using our skincare range. But what we enjoy hearing the most, is just how healthy and fresh people feel after trying help: clear skin and help: beautify skin – both inside and out.

In fact, many of our customers have told us that taking help: beautify skin has made them think twice about more invasive forms of skincare. In her recent review, Leigh from ​Fashion du Jour wrote, “Ingesting these great tasting sachets was an utter delight PLUS a lot cheaper than a syringe full of Collagen. Also, taking Collagen orally proves to be actually MUCH more effective than applying it topically. Who knew!”​

Lauren from Keep Calm, It’s Only a Blog summed it up perfectly, with her short and sweet review of help: clear skin, “My face looks fresher, brighter and for want of a better word: healthier.”

Click on the links to find out more about our help: clear skin and help: beautify skin products in time for Christmas.


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