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The Rise in Whining and Dining

by on January 21, 2016 in Lead Article, News you can use, Retail News

Zapper’s pioneering CRM platform reaches 55,000 diner rate and reviews in first 3 months – over 90% are positive!

Venues in the hospitality industry are beginning to understand the speed, simplicity and advantages of switching to mobile payments. Zapper, the fast growing global data insights solution, enabled by mobile payment, now offers venues the ability to view and privately respond to customer feedback.

With over 55,000 UK rate and review comments since the feature launched in October 2015, Zapper has encouraged over 90% of users to leave feedback when paying with the app. Research also suggests 4 in 5 reviews show a positive experience. Looking at the 1% rule for digital interaction, Zapper users are also 3x more likely to leave a written comment with their rating, of which 9/10 comments are positive!

Zapper stands alone in its use of scanning a humble QR code on each bill. This provides venues with an easy method of gaining valuable user insights. These create an altogether more targeted marketing approach aiding restaurants in their quest to interact and better understand their customers’ preferences and dining habits.

Gerry Hooper, CEO of Zapper UK comments, “The speedy and secure payment ability using Zapper’s unique QR code solution is merely a vehicle for restaurants to access the valuable customer insights. With this intelligent information now available for restaurants. It’s a no brainer, why wouldn’t you want to understand more?

Venues can communicate directly with users and send personalised rewards to create a happy dining community, ultimately increasing sales.”

Charley Springall, Head of Marketing CAU Restaurants added, “Zapper is much more than just a payment app. For the first time we can measure how specific members of staff are performing, setting targets to monitor and incentivise accordingly.  A great addition to the software has been the launch of rate and review. This gives us a real time indicator of our customers’ ratings & comments enabling our managers to either thank or query their experience before they have left the restaurant.”

The rate and review feature is part of the latest platform release that Zapper has rolled out to 7,000 restaurants internationally. The online dashboard, which updates in real-time, also allows restaurants to measure sales trends, review historical sales data and view a heat map highlighting exact times at which Zapper users are most active. In turn, these insights can then be analysed to personalise restaurants’ marketing activity which ultimately, aid in community growth and increase in overall transactions.

Zapper already has thousands of restaurants using the system internationally. The Zapper app is free to download on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. For more information about Zapper please visit:


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